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01 Business Capital Consulting

Your business is your livelihood and just like you, every business prospers when it’s healthy and strong. Take a look at most successful businesses, you’ll inevitably discover that they have strong working capital positions. Whether you’re a start-up or a seasoned mature company, working capital is what enables them to effectively manage business cash flow, purchase inventory, hire staff, create growth, and maintain steadfast even during times of financial instability.

Unfortunately the marketplace is littered with “fly by night” lenders with “cookie cutter” loan programs. Most of these so-called “private lenders” operate with very little restrictions and even less experience.

ASBMA has created a synergy with FDIC insured funding organizations with your businesses success in their best interest. Every program is tailor-made to suit your company’s needs and produce your businesses best ROI.

So whether you’re interested in a Line-of-Credit, Consolidation loan, Equipment Purchase Loan, Business Expansion Loan, or simple Cash-Flow Capital. ASBMA can align you with the right strategic lending partner for you business.

02 Commercial Vehicle & Equipment Finance Consulting

ASBMA has established relationships with the top financial organizations in the country, to help you purchase or refinance your Commercial Truck, Trailer, or Yellow Iron Equipment. These special relationships have allowed ASBMA the ability to help you navigate beyond the difficult and inefficient underwriting processes which will cost you nothing but time and more time (as they say, time is money).

ASBMA’S partners offer Application Only Programs, Start-Up Programs, programs for Challenged Credit, Consolidation, Factoring, etc.. Let’s discuss your needs and what program is the right choice for your business.



03 SEO & Digital Media Consulting

Your competition further then 20 miles from you should never be above you in a Google search. Google’s algorithm takes into account more than 200 separate signals before it ranks a website and they change the weight of these signals all the time.

We will help you get to the top naturally by optimizing your html code that emulates the best and most liked by Google. We also help you build Authority with mentions across the web (link signatures) or citations.

04 Business Incorporation Consulting and Services

Are you ready to start your business? Have you been an Independent Contractor and are now interested in Incorporating? Wondering how to build your business credit and increase you business D&B score?

ASBMA was founded on the mission of helping small-med size businesses grow beyond expectations. ASBMA can advise and guide you into making the right incorporation choices that will protect you. your family, your staff, and your personal assets.

ASBMA has over 30 years of experience in what can be the confusing world of Incorporation. Allow us the pleasure of mentoring you and your business into the most beneficial and protective type of structure. ASBMA can also provide Dunn & Brad Street Credit Building Programs to establish credit worthiness for your business.

ASBMA’S partners offer Application Only Programs, Start-Up Programs, programs for Challenged Credit, Consolidation, Factoring, etc.. Let’s discuss your needs and what program is the right choice for your business.



05 Property Management Consulting & Services

Today’s property management environment is a complex maze of regulations, contractual issues, and more than ever, emphasis on cost savings initiatives. How do we know this? Because, ASBMA has over 25 years of combined experience in the Commercial Property Perspective.

In fact, ASBMA currently has affiliates consulting and managing, one of the most sought-after properties on Miami Beach’s famous Lincoln road.

Do you need qualified, property management experience which you do not have in-house? Are you looking for an unbiased, frank opinion, when you have differences of opinion among managers concerning management of your property?

You do not want to hire a full-time property manager, but want help available on-call?

ASBMA’S network of experienced affiliates are here to help you with these services and many more. We’ll strive in-order to keep your property running seamlessly which in-turn will keep your occupants most gratified.

“Together We Reach The Goal”

Initially in 2010 ASBMA was known as America’s Small Business Marketing Association. ASBMA’s mission was to help local business grow by becoming more agile and nimble in today’s competitive Mobile “on-the-go” Marketplace. ASBMA teamed up with Chamber’s of Commerce nationwide, BNI groups, Peer-to-Peer Organizations,and have participated in numerous local "grass roots" business development events.

ASBMA delivered affordable Website Development, E-Commerce, Mobile Applications, Social Media Marketing Services, Software Development, etc.. to the Local Business Market, We’ve helped thousands of businesses “touch” costumers which could never have been reached before ASBMA. Presently these Local Companies are still with ASBMA and happier than ever! More costumers “walk in the front door”, which in-turn generates more revenue for the businesses. Just like the many companies which ASBMA helped to grow and prosper, so has ASBMA.

ASBMA have created strategic partnerships in many different perspectives of which all businesses need for growth. ASBMA has created synergy with some of the country’s most sought-after consultants and companies to bring business-owner's a team with an abundant amount of information and experience.

ASBMA is now America’s Strategic Business Mentoring Association, with several different divisions in numerous consulting & service arenas. We're excite to Announce our New Partnerships with The U.S BanCorp of Commerce & The International BanCorp of Dubai! This new partnership allows us to fulfill the needs of all business on both a National and International Level.

The Team of ASBMA, The U.S. BanCorp of Commerce and The International BanCorp of Dubai, offers expert guidance in the following marketplaces: Pre-revenue / Start-up Capital Consulting, Operating Capital Loan Advisement, National Incorporation Consulting & Services, Commercial Equipment & Yellow Iron Finance Consulting, Medical Equipment Finance Consulting, SEO & Digital Media Consultation & Services, Property Management Consulting & Services, etc.. with many types of other services for your business.

We aim to be your Business Consultation Firm, your business’s own “Dream Team”. ASBMA will be your “go-to” company for whatever your business needs.

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